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Nice Booty, Baby!!

13 Dec

The next time you get a compliment, keep it! Take it to heart-and take to the bank, where it can accrue for you. This goes for compliments at work or on the street, whether from friends and lovers or strangers and cat-calling construction workers. It’s easy and fun to create our own compliment bank. Just fill a small card file with index card and make tabs for your most popular features, such as:

  • My Brain
  • My Buff
  • My Sense of Humor
  • My Hair
  • My Style
  • My Legs
  • My Walk
  • My Everything Else

Whenever you get a new compliment, write it on an index and deposit it in your compliment bank. Keep your compliment bank handy on your desk or on the back of the toilet.. When you’re feeling low or doubting yourself, just check your balance. A quick review of your compliments and your’ll feel loaded with self-love and maybe even a splash of self-lust.

Note to Self: Tell the biggest pores you love them.  


The 13 Sacred Bad Girl Affirmations

11 Dec

When you look at yourself in the mirror, lovingly say to your reflection…Image

  1. “Good golly, I’m a hot tamale!”
  2. “i declare, I dig my hair!”
  3. “It’s hip and funky looking this damn chunky!”
  4. “It’s no paradox that I am such a fox!”
  5. “Tell your Mom, I’m the bomb!”
  6. “Don’t mean to be crass but I love this ass!”
  7. “Hot home cookin’-I’m that good lookin’!’
  8. ‘With eyes like mine, who needs wine!”
  9. “I heart my pores like warn s’mores!”
  10. “Strike a pose, ’cause I adore this nose!”
  11. “It’s super heavy duty, being such a feakin’ beauty!”
  12. “You’re so purty, let’s get flirty!”
  13. “Oh yeah honey, I’m so money!”

Bad is Beautiful

11 Dec

ImageWhen you’re a bad girl, you are beautiful, every day in every way. Bad hair? Love it! Stressed out? Intense! Bad skin? Fabulous, darling! Dark circles? Dramatic! Show yourself some love. Star with a modest daily affirmation to awaken your self-esteem.

Note to Self

20 Oct

Indulge your hunger for delicious mischief at least three times a day!

Are you a Bad Girl? (A Quiz)

7 Oct

1.The last time I got naked with a stranger I was ______?

a. at the doctors office

b. in the dressing room

c. 35,000 feet

2. How do you spell relief during a stressful work day?

a. R-O-L-A-I-D-S

b. B-O-U-R-B-O-R-N

c. O-R-G-A-S-M-S

3. Once, I stretched ______ to get what I wanted.

a. my allowance for a whole month

b. the truth about my last job

c. a waistband over my head

4. When I call in sick, I’m usually in bed with ______.

a. fever over 101

b.a hangover

c.a new friend

5. Hustling men at a bar for free drinks is ______.

a. tacky in a bad way

b. tacky in a good way

c. called happy hour

6. When I plan for the future, I think about _____.

a. mutual funds

b. my next relationship

c. mutual fun

7. The last time I got spanked I _____.

a. was nice and i deserved it

b. lost a bet

c. asked for it

8. When I see myself going down I’m ______.

a. riding in an elevator

b. at a Nordstrom sale instead of at therapy, again

c. winking at myself in a mirror

9. I _____ to get what I want.

a. am way to embarrassed

b. know exactly what to do

c. exist

10. If anyone at the meeting know what I was thinking ________.

a. I’d get a gold star for staying focused

b. they’d call security

c. I’d be fired, sure them hard, and make a million on a made-for- TV movie about my life

Nada Bad Girl

If you answered A to most questions, you’re so good it hurts and that’s not the point of life! You need to cut loose, cut your-self some slack, cut your hair do anything to free your self up for some fun,. If you don’t find your bad girl self pronto, you may implode. (That can so messy. And you know how you feel about making a mess.)

Baby Bad Girl

If you answered B to most questions, you’re borderline bad. Keep up the bad work! Just set your badness goals and keep your eye on the prize-your happiness. Remember, when you play with girls who are badder than you, your game improves much faster.

Diva Bad Girl

If you answered C to most questions, you are bad to bone-and irresistible. Parents fear you, children revere you, pets follow you everywhere and all of your friends secretly want to be you. Congratulations, You are living in the pearl of the Bad Girl Swirl. Enjoy!

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