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17 Nov

“Music is the soundtrack of our lives”Image


How to find your Badness

4 Nov

ImageThere’s a bad girl inside every girl. You may not feel it. You may believe it. But she’s there. Dig up some old photo albums form your childhood. Look at pictures of yourself when you were 10 or 2, seven or eight, four or five. Go bask as far as you have to go to find the impish grin, the sparkly eyes, the girl in ridiculous outfits that only  she could love and appreciate. Look for the smirk, look for the fie, look for the little girl who didn’t know enough to be afraid of her own wants. When you findt her, your’ll know it. Being a bad girl isn’t about breaking the law. It’s about breaking the rules-and respecting yourself in the morning. 

Most people have a this crazy idea that you need some  special reason, skill, or power to be confident. Ridiculous! 

Can’t remember the last time you felt confident? Just strike a pose. Your body will remember the feeling will spread. The secret ingredient in your bad girl”tude is confidence. 

Your Goo

25 Oct

You Goo is that voodoo that only you do so well. it’s your  sassy social lubricant. It’s the thin layer of juice that conducts electricity and chemistry between you and everyone else in your world. You Goo doesn’t make the relationship. it makes it badder. It’s the grease that keeps the relationships in your life running smoothly. You Goo is your own personal blend of Baddy Sauce.

Drizzle it, spray it, say it, spritz it. When you shower the the world with Baddy Sauce, you shower the world with love!

I’ve Got Me Love!

22 Oct

Any girl can (and should) feel self-love, but a bad girl feels that and so much more. She’s got Me Love-a magical mix of self-respect and self-confidence, self-love and self-lust, self-style and self-starting fun. Me Love fuels your bad girl relationship engine. It gives you control of your body, your mind, and your social swirl. It gives you the courage to love whoever you want, however you  want. It gives you the strengh to say yes, no, or whoa in relationship (even family!).

Note to Self:

20 Oct

Why be a gossiper when you can be a gossipy?

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